Welcome to the official website of WNSO India. Worldwide Nepalese Students’ Organisation (WNSO) is a highly esteemed platform for students from Nepal. WNSO does not have any affiliations with corporate, political or governmental organizations and represent all the religious and the different casts with the one aim in mind and that to help every Nepalese student all over India; in their daily struggles for higher education and gaining better knowledge for a better Nepal for us and for the coming generations. The activity of the organization include; helping the students through their legal, educational, cultural and social problems and to provide Scholarships in the different fields. Another activity is to provide information about the admission in India in different fields and establishing contacts with other Nepalese students. With the help of this information, we hope you will be able to select the right college and course for you and avoid unnecessary expenses.

WNSO India Team

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Email: india@wnso.org

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